The Importance of Presence

Sunshine and Sunset

3800467037_1c0bf2ee3c(1)My nephew (niece’s husband) died a week ago while I was on a mini vacation.  I was very upset that I was not present, but then if I was supposed to have been here, I would have been here.  Today I am thinking about one of my last visits with him. He was on oxygen and unable to carry on a long conversation.  He asked: “To what do I owe this visit?” I said: “I just wanted to come and be present.” I thought about my mother who lived alone from 1969 to 1997.  After I was an adult, I was always available to her when she needed me.  So I took her to all of her appointments, and shopping.  I visited, Christmas,  and Mother’s Day. She didn’t celebrate her birthday. We were together as a family on Thanksgiving.  But I don’t remember just visiting her just to visit.  Sometimes…

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