Pet Therapy Visit: 3/14/14

Animals can be such a comfort to patients… and caregivers! I remember when my friend drove up to St. Paul to be with her mother during her last days. She brought her dog and planned to board him locally. “Oh, no,” said her mom. “The dog stays with me.” And he did! He followed her from room to room, and when she was limited to her bed, he stayed right there with her. It was pretty cool.


2 thoughts on “Pet Therapy Visit: 3/14/14

  1. Dog Tales: A Hospice Dog Blog says:

    Thank you for reblogging our post. There’s a very special, deeply emotional way in which people connect with animals that is much different than the way people connect with people. Animals sense when a human has a need…that’s why they’re used so prominently in health care. Thanks again, and we hope your readers enjoy.

    Also – you have a new follower! Stay tuned in to read our latest “Dog Tales!”

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